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As a serious player you are well aware of the benefits of a VIP casino. There is a significant difference in how you are treated and the extra perks that are thrown in which most normal players don’t get. You are their “Very Important Player” and you are treated as such. You have high standards and specific requirements while choosing your online casino.
Below you can uncover the best VIP programs 55 Casino recommends. We showcase the benefits of being a high rolling VIP Player and what you should look for when choosing a casino.

Our Top-Rated Russian VIP Online Casinos

Are you a high roller? Are you a VIP player? If you want to play at one of the best VIP casinos, check out our informative guide we have assembled of the top quality VIP casino sites. Casinos where you get that red-carpet treatment. Here are our recommendations:[fcrp_feat_sc sc_id=»566″]

What should you be looking for in a VIP Casino

For you we run all the top casinos through careful multi-step review to shortlist the very best VIP casinos. Our recommendations will ensure that you will be treated with utmost care and at each and every one of the VIP Casinos recommended by 55 Casino. Key points being:

& Safety

Sophisticated, Encrypted and Top of line data security. Fully licensed provider operating under casino best practices.

Payout Speed

High rollers like you should be able to cash out your winnings quickly.


As a high roller you need to be able to play with higher limits while playing blackjack, roulette, poker etc.


For a casino to make it to the top VIP list, they have to offer a reliable and safe mobile casino experience too.

More Game

Game offering including different versions of a game makes the VIP experience more enjoyable.

The Best

VIP casino bonuses offered to their most loyal and exclusive members. It could be a welcome and deposit bonus, a VIP match Bonus, Freespins.

Customer Support

VIP account manager and first class service available 24/7 is an absolute must. Live chat access to confirm min/max bets for table games.

The 55 Judging Criteria

Some of the main benefits of playing at a VIP casino might not always seem that obvious. So we created a quick guide on a few key features to determine whether the casino is good enough to recommend to you. We outline what criteria are important when finding the best VIP casino online. If you are stumped on where to start you can use the below list as a good jumping point to find a casino to your liking.
Before recommending a VIP Casino site to you, we touch on 5 fundamental criteria that you should be looking for to ensure the best playing experience. Every online casino typically has a dedicated section on their website laying out all the perks, benefits and details of their VIP program. We rate the VIP casinos on each of these 5 criteria before calculating the average rating and publishing this with our review. These criteria are:

& Trust

Games & User

Bonuses &


Payments &

Advantages of Becoming a VIP Player

Enough with the technical stuff, let’s talk about the benefits for you. Keep in mind that not all casinos will offer all of these perks. Most of the time it will be a selection of the below few. In its effort to attract more players and casino enthusiasts, operators dish out the best promotions and services, with the main aim at satisfying and impressing their VIP players. That is good news for you;

Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions

As one of their elite players VIPs get a wide range of bonus that regular players never hear about. And you might imagine that they are primarily cash bonus but bonus can come in different forms like invites to special events or tournaments.

Higher Deposit Limits

To cultivate a long term relationship with their VIP players, Online casino operators extend higher deposit limits. This gives the player the opportunity to deposit more money and spend more money.

Rapid Cashout Methods

High rollers often have a faster pay out, so they can convert and cash out their winnings quickly.

Personal VIP Manager

A perk that you don’t see very often in online casino VIP programs is VIP customer support for high-level players. But as the prevalence in technology is improving you are bound to see this perk crop up in some casinos.

Invitations to Events

As a true high roller you will receive invitations to exclusive events, comps, and tournaments courtesy of your casino.

Higher Deposit Limits

To cultivate a long term relationship with their VIP players, Online casino operators extend higher deposit limits. This gives the player the opportunity to deposit more money and spend more money.

Gifts & Weekly Rewards

The more you play the more you earn is the motto for most Online casinos. Operators often reward their frequent high rollers with personalised gifts, weekly rewards, incentives and in some cases a birthday gift too!


What is a VIP Casino Program?
A VIP casino program is a casino program that is designed to cater to elite casino players and provide them with a host of rewards. General rule of thumb is, to become a member of the top VIP programs, you must be a high roller that makes big deposits. As a VIP member, you will be given premium offers, VIP casino bonuses, free spins, free bets, and many more rewards.
Do all online casinos have a VIP program?
While most sites offer the same bonuses that are enjoyed by regular casino players. Different sites devise their own VIP programs and while they might be structured differently the perks and services are usually universal. Therefore, we’ve gone through all our sites to rank them here based on which offers the best VIP casino experience.
How do I become a VIP player?
Excellent question! Since VIP programs are known for exclusive offers and perks it is only understandable that casino operators are selective in inviting VIP members. However some casinos will open the VIP program to all new members in the program.

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